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Born in Brooklyn NY on December 27th 1997, Armani Miles Yearwood aka 1rezort Moved to Washington after the attack on 9/11. After 9/11, 1rezort moved around quite a bit. He resided in Texas, Alabama, Georgia, and Florida and would eventually move back to Washington by the time he was in the 6th grade. 1rezort attended Curtis High School in University Place WA class of ‘16 where he received a full ride academic scholarship to UW. Despite the stellar classroom performance, 1rezort dropped out after his freshman year to pursue entrepreneurship. In an exclusive interview, 1rezort jokes about having dreams in the medical field stating “I thought I wanted to be a Doctor at 9 years old (Anesthesiologist) just because they made $400k annually”. Although the medical route didn’t go as planned, 1rezort still managed to find his passion in music. Although, he’s been know to dive into different fields such as Amway, and different ventures of investing. 1rezort also states “I just wanted to be rich and accepted almost every opportunity thrown at me”. Towards the end of 2017 and beginning of 2018, he grasped the knowledge of investing. He saw how limitless the space was and how much of a creative outlet that was, it led him to becoming obsessed. He claims it was very tough at first, and lots of money was lost. Yet, with every loss came a great lesson that he could apply to all areas in life. Overall he love the person he’s became since taking the creative route. 1rezort has came a long way. Now with more patience and an overall sense of gratitude for what he’s has, he’s developed a new appreciation for the moment.


Instagram: @1rezort

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