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G4 Jag - "The Lamar Silas" EP

4:24:00 PM 0
  Mr. Meet Me In The Sky AKA Harlem rhyme heavyweight G4 Jag returns with a surprise drop this morning. The Lamar Silas EP (available via al...

Zoot - "Beginning" Video

3:01:00 PM 0
  Inspired to inspire Zoot is a Persian born rapper, producer, and songwriter based in Atlanta, Georgia. After creating some buzz with his s...

Jahvinci Explodes With Passion and Announcement of New EP

8:35:00 PM 0
  This latest release from Jah Vinci, who is widely celebrated as one of Jamaica’s most powerful voices, is momentous not just because of th...

Jamal Gasol & Bass Reevez Drop "The Novelty Of Standards" EP

8:19:00 PM 0
  Niagara Falls own Jamal Gasol returns with his latest project this morning. The Novelty Of Standards is fully produced by New York’s own B...

Giggs Releases A/B-side visuals for "Difference Ft. Rowdy Rebel and "Innocent"

8:07:00 PM 0
Giggs returns with two new singles and accompanying visuals as a A/B-side release: "Differences" featuring New York’s Rowdy Rebel,...

Stunna World Hoot - "Pack Touch" Video | @StunnaWorldHoot

4:03:00 PM 0
  Stunna World Hoot repping Richmond, VA. and an artist with (DFE) Don't Fold Entertainment present us his latest video "Pack Touc...
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