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Thursday, October 23, 2014

In Depth Interview With GUNPLAY Of MMG
Studio Flow: Gunplay

"I bring honesty to the game. All these n*ggas is fake, they all fake. They hide behind their music, their chains, cars, their security."

Following his standout performance on the 2nd episode of The Rapfest, MMG’s Gunplay sat down with The Rapfest for their Studio Flow segment. In it, the Florida based rapper speaks on not being trapped within the confines of fame unlike other artists as well as his trials and tribulations leading up to this point. He is very frank in admitting that perhaps he was not ready for fame years ago. Gunplay also delves into his current projects as well as the structure of his long awaited major label debut Living Legend.

Video: Money On My Mind - Troy Ave, T.I., Spodee & Yung Booke {Dir. By PhillyFlyBoy}
"Money On My Mind" Troy Ave, T.I., Spodee & Yung Booke Link Up To Film This Official Music Video Directed By Philly Fly Boy. 

Video: The Link Up - Stocks ft. @PreemApeGang & Shyst Skipp {Dir. By @ChopMosly}
"The Link Up" Stocks Featuring Ape Gang Preem & Shyst Skipp, Directed By Chop Mosley 

Asia Sparks {@Sparklegirla} Interview w/ @BigCuzLive
"OffTopTV" host Big cuz live caught up with Asia Sparks a few days before she dropped her new video for "Hot Chick" to speak on her new up coming project, what separates her as a artist & More... Make sure you check out for her new video "Hot Chick" Here.

Video: @Weez100_ - "Rich Ni^^a Thoughts" Intro {Dir By @ARCHETTO}
Weez "Rich Ni^^a Thoughts" Intro, Directed By Max Out Tv. New Mixtape "Rich Ni^^a Thoughts" Out Now.

Video: Memorabilia - Skyzoo & Torae | @Loyaltydigital

Skyzoo and Torae let loose a visual for their single "Memorabilia" off the Barrel Brothers LP.

Video: Stryfe - Rare Form | @Loyaltydigital
Stryfe "Rare Form" Video

Detroit Native and Local-Mu12 Member Stryfe releases the 2nd visual off his Rare Form Vol. 1 EP.

Video: @SmallLiL_ - It Aint There {Shot By @BombVisionsFilm}
Small Lil "It Aint There" Shot By Bomb Visions Film 

Music: Weatherman Remix - @Benniedub ft. @TrelMack & @Petterjonesske
Garnering much buzz after the release of his project, "Purple Earth Vibe Sessions" with it being featured on numerous sites and blogs, Compton, California artist by way of Houston Texas, Bennie Dub is rising through the ranks. With this newfound attention, Bennie Dub has recruited the SKE Records team out of Philadelphia Trel Mack and Petter Jones to hop on his song "Weatherman" for the official remix.

Hip Hop On Deck Exclusive Interview With Bag Of Trick Cat | @BagOfTrickCat

Hip Hop On Deck Exclusive Interview With Bag Of Trick Cat

Hip Hop On Deck Exclusive Interview With Bag Of Trick Cat

1. Bag of Tricks Cat, how did you get your name and what does it mean to you?

My grandma, Ann Bennett, sang the 1959 Felix The Cat theme song. It's an authentic concept and brand for my music. Bag Of Tricks Cat really represents the underdog. The cat you least expect to succeed, but somehow always does.

2. Bag of Tricks Cat, what made you start doing music and how does creating music make you feel?

My grandma was my first inspiration. She would tell me stories about when she sang during the big band era, and I always thought it was dope. As I got older I just fell in love with Hip-Hop. I listened to Eminem's first 3 albums, illmatic, Me Against The World, The Chronic 01 and many other classic albums back to back. Those CD's helped me during rough times growing up. When I make music I feel fulfilled. I know that someone out there can relate to what I'm rapping about, and maybe I'll be the reason they fall in love with Hip-Hop like I did.

3. Bag of Tricks Cat, break down the style and sound of  the music that you create?

I've been told my music is versatile and diverse. Lately I've been doing a lot of smooth records. I like to make inspirational records the most, but there is a wide range of content I talk about. I can't really compare myself to anybody else in the game. I have my own style. When you listen to a Bag Of Tricks Cat song or album, you learn more about who I really am. If I were to put a label on it, I'd call myself an "Alternative Hip-Hop" artist.

4. Bag of Tricks Cat, you just dropped a video called "View From The Top" break down the concept behind the video?

The song and video is about living your dreams before you die. "This" view from the top is how high you choose to climb in life. "That" view from the top is the view we all will eventually see. In the video you see me putting flowers on my grandparents' grave. It symbolizes that I know they've seen how far I've come, and that I'll continue to raise the bar. The director, Carlos Moscoso, really brought it to life.

5. Bag of Tricks Cat, how did the record come about and what made you put Kara Reversz on the record?

I met Kara through working at Respect The Underground. Justus introduced us and told me I should collaborate with her. View From The Top was one of the last songs I wrote for the project. When Kara and I went to the studio to record it, we were really vibing together. She's an amazing artist. Once we finished tracking it out I think we all knew it was one of those records that would get heard. It's the song that got me my funding deal with We Are Pure Music.

6. Bag of Tricks Cat, tell us the concept behind the project The Cat That Never Came Down?

The Cat That Never Came Down is my life from 10.18.2013 to 10.18.2014. Hands down the most personal project I've ever released. A lot of negative things happened in my life during that time. I was arrested with 4 felony charges. My grandma died. My girlfriend cheated on me and broke up with me. I had no money, but I was working 2 jobs 7 days a week. Bussing tables and making sandwiches at Subway. I got through it. In that same year, I released 2 projects and played at 2 stadiums. Celebrity Theatre (Opening up for Game, E-40, WC, Mack 10, DJ Quik) and Comerica Theatre (AZ Hip-Hop Festival). I've had sold out shows and release parties for my music videos. I couldn't have done it without keeping my head up. The Cat That Never Came Down is about losing loved ones, money, friends and sometimes your mind. But NEVER losing hope.

7. Bag of Tricks Cat, where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

In 5 years I'll be touring around the nation. Maybe even the world. I'll still be making music consistently, and engineering at my cousin's recording studio. In 5 years I'm going to make it. Nothing can stop The Cat That Never Came Down.

Music: DeeDay - One Time | @DeeDay504
An entire 2 months has just been added on to New Orleans artist Dee Day's current promo tour meaning he will now be on the road until Christmas. New markets include Atlanta, Augusta, Charlotte, Chattanooga, Greenville, Raleigh and Tallahassee. Everyone is embracing the single, "One Time" with a lot of love being shown and, while Dee is at each station, he of course has to show them his HILARIOUS animated ode to that 'stuntin for the Gram' life' video, "Instastar." The video has amassed over 32,000 plays and almost 2,000 likes since he dropped it.

Video: No Moe - Royce Rizzy ft. Sy Ari Da Kid | @RoyceRizzy
ROYCE RIZZY Featuring Sy Ari Da Kid
"No Moe"

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