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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Music : Kozy Bryant "Black Comets" @marlodemore @on3trackmind

Checkout Kozy Bryant New Single "Black Comets" prod by on3trackmind an appetizer for our coming music video for the song "Autumn"

The Unlabelled Awards Recognizing The Un-Noticed Stars | @fachionbloc

The Unlabelled Awards Recognizing The Un-Noticed Stars

The Unlabelled Awards Recognizing The Un-Noticed Stars

Everyone who is anyone to know will be at New York Fashion Week this February.  With all the different shows surrounding fashion week, the one event that industry insiders will be at is the Unlabelled Awards.  The Unlabelled awards recognizes the extraordinary efforts of ordinary people who are brave enough to dream.  Unmasking the stars behind the scenes has been Carol “Butterfly Tia” Dunkley’s goal for years.  The fearless entrepreneur and mother got tired of the fact that too many people in entertainment, business and media go un-noticed no matter how exemplary their contribution is to our society and world and instead of waiting for this to change, she changed that herself.

“There are women and men who work tirelessly behind the scenes to create the finished products that we all marvel about,” begins Dunkley.  “So many beautiful people are responsible for the end results of the things we love. It could be a look, music, a film, a song, a T.V show-- whatever it is, it requires the labor of love from an individual that may never get credit or be recognized in the limelight. 
Even more importantly, despite the fact that the Unlabelled Awards is a sophisticated Manhattan fashion event, Dunkley makes it her mission to not exclude hip hop.  “Hip Hop is part of our greater culture and there are many people who do a lot in hip hop.  Missy Elliot was a part of the Unlabelled Awards the other year where her Artist Sharaya J performed. I love that she is back.  I think her comeback is great, hip hop needs some real movements and artist these days.

We’ve also honored DJ Envy before.  It was an honor to have DJ Red Alert present him with the Award. Also Michael Bivins has been so influential in music period so we honrored him as well.  Other artists that deserve to be recognized are Nas, LL Cool J, Salt & Pepa, and 50 cent. 

The Unlabelled Awards will be held on Tuesday February 9th. To keep up with Dunkley and to get involved with the  Awards as a sponsor, guest or talent please follow @fachionbloc on Instagram and twitter. Go to

Wednesday, November 25, 2015



Checkout Alaska Own Galaxy C as he is put his state on the map!!!

S Rock Feat J Hood "Haters On My Back" (Official Video)

Rockview Entertainment own S-Rock is back with the visual to his J Hood featured Haters on My Back single

Nerdcore Rapper Mega Ran Gets Ready For East Coast Tour Run | @megaran @ceschi @mistermiranda83

Nerdcore Rapper Mega Ran Gets Ready For East Coast Tour Run

Nerdcore Rapper Mega Ran Gets Ready For East Coast Tour Run

Mega Ran, Ceschi and Mr. Miranda will be embarking on a 4 city tour this December in what should be a diverse and dope hip hop tour.
Since being named a “Rapper who will be big” by LA Weekly, Mega Ran has seen his stock rise, dropping a billboard-charting album, two European tours and a year of positive accolades.
Ceschi’s new album “Broken Bone Ballads” is an honest look at the rapper/folk singer/one man band since his prison sentence, and the critically acclaimed project has taken him across the globe.
Rounding out the trio is Mr. Miranda, a Phoenix AZ native who’s smooth vocals and soulful beats can change the mood of any room. Miranda’s new album “Soul In Da Booth” is out now.
12/8- Boston, MA at Middle East Upstairs

12/10- Brooklyn, NY at Shea Stadium
12/11- New Brunswick, NJ at TBA
12/12- Philadelphia, PA at Eris Temple Arts
Get tickets at
Artist Twitter Information:

Video: OC Hermo – Still Featuring Yung Choc | @Foolwiththecamera @ochermohwe

Video: OC Hermo – Still Featuring Yung Choc

Video: OC Hermo – Still Featuring Yung Choc

Mixtape Feature: @IamReeseDrillz "Well Worthy"

Follow @IamReeseDrillz

Hip Hop On Deck Interviews Mc Logic | @McLogic

Hip Hop On Deck Interviews Mc Logic /
Detroit-bred Virginia-based M.C. Logic presents “The Listener”, the single from Personal Legend, his new album produced by fellow Virginia resident Dub-L-Oh-Skytzo. Inspired to pursue a rap career after reading Paulo Coelho’s book _The Alchemist_, M.C. Logic has released seven independent music projects including The Rhapsody, also produced by Dub-L-Oh-Skytzo. M.C. Logic describes the single as “a dedication to the people who take the time to listen to my music and for those who just truly have an appreciation for music. I’m a listener as well as an artist so it’s also a dedication track to the artists that I listened to who influenced me.” Personal Legend is available now on Bandcamp and iTunes.

What inspired you to call your album Personal Legend?

Since the novel “The Alchemist” is one of the books that inspired me to pursue music, I always wanted to make sure one of my releases would be titled “Personal Legend”. During the process of writing/recording the album, it just felt like this was finally the one that deserved that title. I almost didn’t go with the title because I didn’t want people to assume that I already thought of myself as a legend. It’s more like me saying that “legendary status” is what I hope achieve once it’s all said and done.

How did you come up with the distinctive artwork? What does it signify?

I was introduced to the graphic designer, Rodrigo Patrel, through a friend of mine, Rafik of Cult Fiction. I talked to Rodrigo a couple of times and we got to know each other a little bit, then I let him hear the song and he did his thing with the artwork and sent me a few drafts. All the drafts he sent were dope but this one stood out. Plus it reminded me of some Tribe Called Quest type of artwork. I originally wanted to do an homage to the “Midnight Marauders” cover but I researched and saw that it had been done more than a few times by other artists so I didn’t even mention that idea to Rodrigo, so it was dope that he was able to come up with something along that vibe.

How has Virginia responded to your style of hiphop?

I’ve gotten mad love here in VA. I perform a lot at a spot in Fairfax called Epicure Café which usually has rock bands but it’s always love when I hit the open mic there on Thursdays. I also started a hip hop showcase at Epicure Café called Play It Forward featuring emcees and beatmakers.

Who do you prefer: Kendrick or Cole? And why?

I prefer Kendrick because he’s such a unique artist. He seems to really be the voice of the current hip hop generation. I’ll admit I wasn’t too much of a Kendrick Lamar fan until this year when “To Pimp a Butterfly” dropped. That album is just a phenomenal and it shows that he’s a true artist and a student of not just hip hop but also a student of music.

How do you sum up 2015?

For me, 2015 has been a continuation of past ventures and the beginning of new ones. The Signed to Myself fam and I have released our Powerful City clothing line and we’ve continued to release new episodes of LIVEVOLUTION. Check those out at: and I stayed on the promo grind for “Personal Legend” and I also started the Play It Forward showcase. In August of this year, the homie Xander Johnson and I started the In Yo Face! Podcast. which has been a blast to do.

Personal Legend on Bandcamp | iTunes | Twitter [@mclogic] | Facebook | Twitter [@dublohskytzo]

FDAmusic Releases New Visuals and Announces 64-Track Concept Mixtape | @FDAmusic

FDAmusic Releases New Visuals and Announces 64-Track Concept Mixtape /
Houston standout FDAMusic is back with the first set of visuals from his forthcoming release Overgrind. The 64-track project, yes you read correctly 64 tracks, feature his interpretations of the hottest songs out today. When asked about the length of the project, FDAmusic assured us its not as long as it seems, “This songs featured on the project are only a verse and hook,” he explains. “I’d like to give listeners true insight into my diversity as an artist, and thought this was a cool way to do it,” he continues.

Overgrind is hosted by DJ Winn and the Cool Running DJs, and will be released December 1. Check out the visuals to Roley Dreams and Fame, and the official track listing below.


1 – Tell Me what you Thought

2 – Gossip

3 – Punish Me

4 – This Life

5 – Think we got a Problem

6 – D.O.M.

7 – Infamous

8 – We Gone Make It

9 – Run This Town

10 – Gettin it In

11 – I’m Gettin Money

12 – Main Stream

13 – Get it How You Live

14 – Gangsta Baby

15 – Boss

16 – Money Power Respect

17- Luxury Sedan

18 – 258/369

19 – Gangsta,Hustla ,OG

20 – Fed Up

21 – Beat It Out The Frame

22 – Can’t Stop Me

23 – Temperatures Rising

24 – Money Over Everything

25 – We Winning

26 – All I Know

27 – Throw It In The Bag

28 – On The Low

29 – Lights

30 – Turning Heads

31 – Home Town

32 – Do It For

33 – Over Grind

34 – Run It

35 – Getting Money Girl

36 – Money Comes, Money Goes

37 – Playing My Part

38 What About

39 – Made It

40 – In My Zone

41 – Running Out

42 – Sin City

43 – Hollywood

44 – Tony Montana

45 – Boss Chick

46 – Remember Me

47 – Soul Cry

48 – Still Feel My Pain

49 – Concrete Jungle

50 – Forever

51 – Sittin and Thinkin

52 – In My Zone

53 – Code

54 – Down For Whatever

55 – Yall Ain’t About Shit

56 – What’s The Hold Up

57 – Poke Her Face

58 – One Subject One Microphone

59 – Super Starr

60 – Cadillac Music

61 – Love Money

62 – Trap House

63 – Ten Bricks

64 – CoCo Remix

source: Cherrell Rene

New Music: Venomiss - "Clap" | @itsVenomiss

Exactly what New York should sound like if you ask me....

Venomiss sets the tone for the release of her Heiress of The Echelon album by releasing new single, CLAP. Check it out below:

See Tracklist:

Available on iTunes, Google play, Amazon and Spotify. 

For more information on Venomiss
Twitter: @itsvenomiss

Evil Queen Ana Baby drops "Milly Rock" Remix

Evil Queen Ana Baby drops  "Milly Rock" Remix

Follow @TheRealAnaBaby

E. Class - "On Me" Video |

E. Class - "On Me" Video /
E. Class - "On Me" Video 


E. Class "Til It Pays Off" EP Now available for pre-order now!! 

About E. Class

Nico Anderson (born November 18, 1987) better known by his stage name “E. Class” is an American rapper, songwriter, and record producer from Memphis, TN. He is one half of “Super Trakz Production” with fellow Memphis rapper, producer “Stang Maine”. He is currently serving as A&R for P.C.F. ENT. (Pro Click Family Ent.) to where he is currently signed to. Since the summer of “09” when they dropped the highly anticipated mixtape by the group “H2” (Stang Maine & T-Bizzle) entitled “Gravy Train” hosted by Project Pat. In the summer of “13” “E. Class F/K/A Trackstar” dropped his solo mixtape entitled “No Days Off” hosted by DJ El Plaga. With the lead single “Money” produced by “Trillboi Onda Track” he took the campaign on the road with shows in Las Vegas, Tampa, Chicago, and Atlanta. His name quickly became recognizable with radio interviews and his hit single “Hungry” ft. Project Pat from his latest effort “Gravy Train 3: Hungry Hound” making its rounds this is an artist to keep your eyes open for. With his next project “Gravy Train 4: Class Of My Own” & EP “Til It Pays Off” on the horizon you can look forward to big things in the near future.

source:Ashley Burnett



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