Hitkidd ft. Sandy Cheekz - "Booty Club" Video


Renowned producer and Grammy-nominated heavyweight, Hitkidd, has just unleashed the highly anticipated video for his latest single, "Booty Club", featuring the rising Memphis underground female rapper Sandy Cheekz. Known for his signature beats and knack for creating hits, Hitkidd once again proves his prowess by delivering a visual spectacle set within the pulsating ambiance of a strip club, showcasing the hottest dancers in action. Directed by Hitkidd himself in collaboration with Zack Hurth, the "Booty Club" video emanates vibrant energy and boldly celebrates nightlife culture.
The video not only underscores Hitkidd's unparalleled production skills but also shines a spotlight on Sandy Cheekz, who delivers fierce verses with undeniable swagger. As Hitkidd continues to make waves in the music industry with his CAMPSOUTH record label and collaborations with artists like Doe Boy and Key Glock, this latest release reaffirms his commitment to putting Memphis on the global musical map.
With its stimulating visuals and infectious beat, "Booty Club" is poised to become a standout hit, solidifying Hitkidd's reputation as a leading force in the music scene and Sandy Cheekz as a formidable talent to watch.
Instagram: @hitkidd
source: Echoing Soundz
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