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Headie One's latest release, "I Still Know Better", marks the second track from his highly anticipated album, "The Last One", which is scheduled for release on June 28, 2024. This track serves as a direct homage to his 2018 mixtape, "The One", particularly referencing the song "Know Better" featuring RV. Produced by IJD and multi-instrumentalist King Wizard, the song delves into an emotive and autobiographical reflection on a tumultuous seven-day period for Headie, fraught with encounters with police units, paranoia, and dangerous rivalries. The lyrics vividly recount the intense experiences: "I nearly threw away my life that week, I had the opps playing hide and seek, got shot twice that week, my popsy see my door fly that week".
"The Last One" album encapsulates the entirety of Headie's journey from "The One" to the present day, weaving a narrative that traverses pain, regret, progress, and ultimately, a new chapter and a fresh start. While previous projects have touched on similar themes and circumstances, the lyrics on "The Last One" aim to delve even deeper into Headie's personal experiences. The album's artwork symbolizes a significant milestone, representing Headie's emergence from the shadows of his past, standing alone and liberated, poised at the threshold of a promising new beginning. 


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