tendai - "Twin Flame"


Tendai, the rising star of British music, unveils his latest single "Twin Flame", the third installment from his upcoming project "the rain". Recorded in a remote warehouse in London known as The Raido Room, this track delves into the raw emotions of past love and introspection. With haunting piano chords and sparse production reminiscent of 2-step, "Twin Flame" marks a cathartic moment in tendai's musical journey.
At just 24, tendai's musical prowess is widely recognized, earning him a nomination for the prestigious Ivor Novello Rising Star Award. His sound defies categorization, blending genres seamlessly and pushing the boundaries of musical expression. With previous hits like "Tried To Fly" and "Ugh Parent's Evening", Tendai's sonic landscape is vivid and diverse, reflecting his journey into self-discovery and musical exploration.
Hailing from Canning Town, East London, tendai's music is deeply personal yet universally relatable. "the rain" serves as a narrative of his first heartbreak, inviting listeners on a journey of self-reflection and emotional resonance. As Tendai continues to challenge conventions and innovate within the music scene, his latest release further solidifies his position as one of the most exciting voices in contemporary British music.


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