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Q&A with Bigshot, Discussing His Upcoming Album 
"#SEXTAPE3" w/ HipHopOnDeck,com
1. What inspired you to create the album #SEXTAPE3? 
A. This is the prequel to albums 1 and 2.
2. How did the collaboration with #Masterplan come about? 
A. Me and Masterplan have worked on both albums with the production and now the 3rd album as well.
3. Can you tell us about the creative process with #Trillisbliss for the video "Oh My"?
A. I just wanted to create something exciting to look at but sexy at the same time. Me and Trill always put together masterpieces! 

4. How do you think your sound has evolved since the first #SEXTAPE album? 
A. My sound has evolved being that I'm more comfortable in my skin with RNB now! Coming from being an MC first I always wrote stuff like this but just never put it to wax and now it's second nature in the studio. 

5. What message do you want fans to take away from the album? 
A. Well the album isn't just about sex that's for one, and I have a lot of songs about actually situations or feelings that come along in relationships that people will relate to. These albums are like inspiration and mood setters. 

6. What do you think makes "Oh My" stand out from the rest of the album? 
A. This was just a catchy record from the gate and I wanted to capture its sound visually first, but this is just the beginning the songs and videos on the way gonna be a game changer! 
7. What can fans expect to hear on the upcoming album? 
A. More growth musically and a range, I try and make all my albums musically aesthetic.
8. What has been the biggest challenge while making this album? 
A. Honestly the challenges are over lol it's go mode in the studio now I don't even touch the booth unless it's a vibe and the energy is right.
9. What has been the most rewarding part of creating this album?
A. Just recording each song and making the next one better than the last.
10. What other projects do you have in the works? 
A. Rap album will be next along with a DMI team project all this year 2023.

Watch Bigshot's official music video for his new single "Oh My" Off the upcoming album #SEXTAPE3 below:

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