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The Evolution of Kidd Called Quest: 
An Interview with the Producer Behind the Signature Sound 
1. What inspired you to create Kidd Called Quest On The Beat? 
The crazy thing is project was originally going to be called "Sampleholic3". But the idea was scrapped that was before the Covid pandemic. I say around fall of 2021 after,Azariah and I dropped "The Second Coming" I started to reach out to a bunch of up in coming artists. I was networking hard and sending out beats to artists and working on mini projects. My original plan was to not release anything until (Young Black and Gifted) name had reached a certain point. To where both Azariah and myself could part our own ways for a second and then comeback together. I really wanted to focus on releasing some instrumental projects. But I kind of got burnt out from other stuff that I needed to focus on. I scraped a lot of ideas I had and fell back from some stuff I wanted to do plus "The Second Coming" album was still gaining some attention we had interviews ect… Shortly after I got back into beat battling for a second AH was getting things ready for his "Phase 2" project with Laddie. Honestly I really ain’t want to jump into anything right away I wanted to chill out but I realized, if I fell back to long the buzz my name had regained from the group project would come down that’s what I felt like actually happened for a moment. I started reaching back out to artists again to work with started banging out mad beats and spent all of 2022 just working and being around Curtis Coke and Dee Jay Sight during the creation of "Vocal Movie". Inspired and influenced me to keep working. Before I knew it there was new people I was meeting on the road, people who was getting familiar with my name and sound ect… reaching asking to hear more of my work. That attention there inspired me to make a "SampleHolic3" with new old and unreleased stuff. I started to shooting mini documentaries with @minchiepresents that’s when I was inspired to change the project title to "Kidd Called Quest On The Beat" so the newer listeners would know that I produced all those songs, that’s how all that came together for this compilation.
2. What was your experience working with the various emcees on the album? 
I don’t remember what the actual experience was like working with the artist. Because this was really a throwback project. Few songs I remember the creative process. "Rochester Royals" song I remember that was suppose to originally be on the “Gun Powder” project with Ice Grill. I had that idea for years of that song that moment it finally happened. Once we had got Eto and Curtis Coke on it that joint was a wrap. The Jae Hussle joints I remember I was in the lab with him we was knocking out his album "Reflections" that experience was dope because we had all the song concepts planned and went right in to recording same with Azariah "Lonely At The Top". G Fisher track I remember sending him the beat and the next day him sending me the song back. The "Boiler Room" that beat was originally was for YEAROFJORDN, DanielSon and Mooch Of Cloth. Everything else I really can’t remember so much happened since then. 
3. How did you develop your signature sound? 
It took me years to actually develop the sound mainly due to the fact of not being sure if this was that sound I wanted. It really was a something I wanted to do to standout from other producers. I was always experimenting with the 808s over the chopped up soul samples and hard hitting drums. I say the development of the sound started with, “Young Black and Restless” project I did with Rosco Mayfield aka King Rightous. That album I started to really step into a different direction with my production and sound. You can hear the difference in the sound from the the other stuff I did before that project. Then going into the “BXROC” project with G.Fisher the sound started to improve and kind of was so and so. It still wasn’t where I wanted it to be. Late 2016 I started to participate in J Hatch IStandard producer showcases I think my 3rd showcase. A Judge from the showcase told me that he ain’t know what to label sound because it had a all around feel to it, I needed to continue to stick with what I’m doing. Soon later several others was telling me the same exact thing I remember Ski Beatz judging a showcase he said “Quest sound is something the game needs right now”. I listened and continued I think "Second Coming" was where my sound fully evolved and developed. DJ Enyoutee in Poughkeepsie was giving us a interview and he said "Kidd you’re beats remind me of boombap but it’s not" and Curtis Coke always was saying the same as well. But that’s how the sound was developed.
4. What do you hope fans take away from the mini-doc? 
I hope that the fans see these mini documentaries and gain a whole new understanding. That there’s really a lot of hard work and years of grinding out into this musical journey. I hope future producers see these these documentaries and get some inspiration and motivation from these videos and interviews. Hopefully 6/7 years from now we both can look back at this interview and say dam things came a long way since we did this interview. 
5. How has your production style evolved since your earlier work? 
I would say the mixing has gotten a lot better, The beat structures has gotten stronger, I also can say I sound like myself. If you go back to my older stuff like the 1st 2 “Put Your Headphones” I definitely can say my sound has changed and evolved since that time period. 
6. What have been some of your favorite collaborations so far? 
I got 4 of my favorite collaborations all happening at the same time. #1 @pretty_Bulli her and we definitely have some fire on the way. Expect to see her Ep "Then And Now" fully produced by me coming soon. #2 @Kentagues651 this dude is a beast from outer space. I love sending him joints just to hear how creative he will get with the song concepts. Expect his next project "The Kendrick Cole Project" fully produced by myself coming soon. His first single off that tape "Vanilla Ice" out now. #3 @2100_Bagz This guy definitely the next Detroit emcee to look out for. We are currently working on a project together. I like his whole style he has a lot of originality and doesn’t sound like anyone else. I definitely say give a few years he’s going to be everywhere, his song structure is amazing and his ideas and concepts give the listener a visual image when he rhymes. #4 @Curtiscoke we sit in the lab all night going over ideas song concepts ect… We are actually working on a project together as well that be out soon. We in the beginning stages of that getting beats together. I think this tape going to be something special. Anyone who’s reading this go get his album on Bandcamp “Vocal Movie” or go stream it on other music platforms. 
7. How has the Rochester hip-hop scene influenced your music? 
It influenced me a lot my whole grind was influenced. By “The Upstate Cypher” those dudes always was putting their work out professionally pressed up I also have to include “WarField” too they was always pressing up their cds official I liked full package cds. Seeing Oowop back in the day push cds like it was nothing that really inspired me to get on my grind and hit the city hard pushing my instrumental cds. You had Build and Destroy, 38, iLL Union,Cold Summer, Eyeconz, OoChild, Li, Hassan Mackey, Moz, Larry Love and many more who was making dope music that influenced me. But the best times of the Rochester scene was the Dubland Underground days. Ask anyone who really was around on the scene during that time period. I would always be out in front every show with a bag full of cds and flyers promoting my work. The scene just motivated me to grind harder and stay focused.
8. What advice would you give to aspiring producers? 
Do you grind and push yourself like your a artist. Don’t be afraid to step out your box every now and then, Invest in yourself, create your own movement don’t settle down as a in house. Move around go find artists to work with, you think is dope and build those relationships up. Also do projects with those artists and up both your catalog and theirs ect… and definitely don’t be afraid to network with people. Definitely make sure you get your publishing stuff set up with BMI, ASCAP etc… Back to finding artists to work with reach out to the up in coming artists instead of the established ones. Because the ones under the established artists will at some point eventually become established artists you will already have the relationship built. If you can get a opportunity to work with the already established go for it but don’t make them the main focus keep focusing on the up in coming artists under them who’s working to build their name up. 
9. What’s next for Kidd Called Quest? 
I’m just going to be working my ass off. Be on the lookout for my “Euphonious” compilation coming soon. Like I was saying earlier I have projects with @Pretty_Bulli @2100_Bagz @Kentageous615 and @Curtiscoke coming or in the works. Azariah and myself actually just started working on the next Young Black and Gifted project that be done soon no release date set for that yet. Hopefully if things go as planned we will be dropping @Azariahybg and @Jaehussle585 "Fighter Spirit" ep fully produced by myself. My brother @Deejaysight and I are talking about doing a project together soon it’s a lot of stuff being planned out. 
10. Anything else that you would like to mention to your fans?
S/o to all the DJs who’s been supporting and playing all our music. Please anyone who’s reading this please make sure to follow all these names below.

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