Quelly Woo - "Sink Or Swim" Video


Following up after the release of Time And Perseverance, Quelly Woo gives fans a gritty visual in "Sink Or Swim". Quelly reflects on his past recklessness and the pain of the fact he can’t change his past actions.
The video, shot and directed by UselessFilms, opens with Quelly rapping outside of a dimly lit church and switches between the Talk Of The Town studio.
Quelly and his crew strive to never give up at this point in their journey. He’s grateful for making it this far and admits that he feels like he shouldn’t be here today because of his damaged past. "Father God, please forgive me for my sins. But it’s probably too late, so I’m going out on a limb". summarizes the theme of "Sink Or Swim". 


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 source: The Legion Media Group

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