Ekelle Releases Debut Album "Let's Get It" & Official Music Video "Be Free" | @OfficialEkelle


Ekelle, a self-managed artist and songwriter from Toronto, ON, loves to candidly rap out her real lived experience and/or play with metaphor and simile as she sings. In creating her own genre of Hood Pop, popular music with a street edge, Ekelle doesn't limit herself to rigid categories and more so embraces the mood, allowing for a dynamic experience where some songs are different from each other, but still represent and distinguish her from others. 


After releasing two EP's, Ekelle is celebrating a milestone with Let's Get It, her debut full-length album. Intentionally numbered in an order that takes the listener on a journey, some of the LP's songs are flirtatious, some provide social commentary, and some are just about bigging yourself up and having a good time.

Let's Get It's focus track, "Be Free" featuring Maia Davies, is about radical self-acceptance. A song for anyone who has gone on the quest or journey to find themselves and stands firm in who they are.

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