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A!MS has been teasing the release of his eagerly awaited album throughout 2021, with singles such as "Honor", "iLike" and "Big Boy Problems" blazing a trail for the acclaimed rapper, his debut project is set to be a monumental moment in his career.

Flying straight into the number 1 spot on iTunes pre-orders, "OFFSHORE" has already amassed over 10 million streams through the previously released smashes that have been cherrypicked from the 14-track opus. The culmination of perseverance, hard work and experience, A!MS delivers a project filled with substance, graft and endless topical content that utilises his long-established relationships, offering up a prestigious line-up of producers and artists to make this album a reality. The result is a flawless combination of different styles and ambitious artistry that sets a new bar in his musical repertoire.

Walking through the album, the contrast in sounds, styles and vision is vast and refreshing. Opening with ‘OG Life (Offshore)’ the lyrical ability of A!MS is explored as he effortlessly glides on a tropical sounding rap beat, which sets a tone of what is to come throughout the project. Previously released "Honor" is the second track of the project with features from international stars including Julian Marley, Projexx and AV Allure, and production courtesy of Cool and Dre. The track is a healthy hybrid between afro-swing, dancehall vibes and melodic rap chords, whilst sitting comfortably amongst hip hop’s biggest tracks, leading perfectly in to "Big Boy Problem" which tells the story of the flamboyant lifestyle A!MS lives, delivering a melodic rap hook coupled with insightful lyrical content. The next track, "Getaway", switches the vibe once again. Featuring Alika & Kilate Tesla, it is a rappers love ballad, which features a beautifully harmonised hook by Alika, balanced perfectly by the raw rap verses by A!MS and the exotic vocal tones of Kilate Tesla, all complimented with the dancehall vibe that is beating through the heartbeat of track.

Going back to his roots and his foundational sounds, "Run" comes through next and is a classic rap banger. With the percussion lending some of its style from dancehall, A!MS experiments with his unique flows before launching in to "Conscience", which features from grime scene favourites Grizzy & Eyez to serve up a supersized portion of unparalleled energy for the album.

With each track bringing its very own necessity to the "OFFSHORE" tracklist, "7AM" is next in line and sees A!MS continue to display his lyrical ability, supplying a masterclass on just how technical and clinical he can be with his delivery. "Diablo" comes through to offer a refined club moment for the album and already boasts over 10 million YouTube views online, serving as the rappers biggest video to date. Featuring soulful keys, bouncy kicks and intense 808s, it is an A!MS classic that has a deserved position on his debut album. Fast forward to "iLike" which is a smooth mix between Mediterranean vibes and smooth R&B, featuring AV Allure & WSTRN’s Akelle, the instrumental also leans between these 2 elements, as the lyrical content delivers a deeper understanding of the messaging. "Pull Up" is a classic R&B banger, fused with the familiar dancehall vibes that are a central sound to the project and the track features AV Allure, Yana Toma & Eleftheria Eleftheriou, creating a medley of suave and sexy sounds. As one of the album highlights, "Hail" is delivered and opens up with a powerful vocal from Sebastian Kole, balancing with the perfect instrumental that captures a personal, insightful and compelling style that is not often publicly explored by A!MS in his music.

As the album approaches its finale, "Yea Yea Yea" instantly delivers a tropical feeling, demonstrating A!MS stark versatility, which leans on afrobeat. "Hunting Season" features Moelogo and Vanessa Bling and brings together afrobeats and dancehall in another fine example of his visionary and experimental styles. The final track to make the cut is the aptly named "Supreme". Produced by the world renowned producer Ayo Beatz, this track is an A!MS classic and his most streamed record of all time, making it the perfect ending to this incredible project.

The release of OFFSHORE marks the end of an exceptional year for A!MS, and the beginning of a new phase in his evolution as an artist. Working with some of music’s most established names, he blends countless styles and vibes together, resulting in high praise and critical acclaim from the worlds media, including the likes of HELLO!, Notion, CLASH and Wonderland, as well as support from industry tastemakers on BBC Radio 1Xtra, Capital Xtra, Kiss FM and Apple Music 1. Delivering a debut album that is his most honest, musical and visionary work to date, A!MS continues to define his sound with "OFFSHORE". 


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