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Kid D Releases New Video For "My Fragrance" | @TheKidDSoundz


Highly regarded by the Grime scene, Kid D delivers a contemporary and fresh tune with ‘Myx Fragrance’ lifted from his album ‘Substance’. The song arrives with emotion and is a seamless showcase of Kid D’s ability from all angles of the production. A rich beat, lyrical passion and a distinctive music video incoming.

Recently releasing his 4th album and his debut vocal project, Kid D is a true veteran in the UK urban scene and respecting by many of the greats. The track ‘My Fragrance’ is part of this most recent project and acting as a post-album single release. The 16 tracks feature some big names, including the likes of Devlin, Ghetts and fellow Lewisham Grime artist, Novelist.

Showing he is in his own lane; the eclectic beat was crafted by Kid D himself. Using various vocals samples to make up the pleasing melodies and some powerful drums to hold the relaxing rhythm. Kid D has created the complete dynamic with ‘My Fragrance’, a seductive lyrical masterclass in the verses, assisted by a floaty chorus. The change in vibe makes for an enticing listen from start to finish.

Set in high temperatures, in a more exotic part of the world, the monologue performance from Kid D sees him keep the viewer entranced throughout. Delivering his bars visually the same way they sound aurally, with a highly seductive conveyance. Hotel rooms and an imaginative location out in the desert with a large dramatic radar to give the music video a niche.

Making a name for himself as an emotive instrumentalist but now also a wordsmith, as on display with ‘My Fragrance’. Previously producing hits for the likes of Skepta, Wiley and Hardy Caprio, Kid D has brought his flair with ‘Substance’ and even more so with the imminent release. Over a decade of experience and he is not showing any sign of slowing down now.


 Kid D "My Fragrance"


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