Introducing Mizzy Manz


If you are not familiar with New England artist, Mizzy Manz yet, you soon will be sure enough. Mizzy is currently previewing his forthcoming single, "In tha Mom3nt," and took the time to quickly speak to us about it:

  "I specifically made the song for the Summer. For everyone! After a year like last year, I wanted to create a record for people to enjoy, "the moment." Hence, the title. I can't wait for ya'll to hear it! August 13th!"

Influenced by the likes of Drake, Don Omar and Daft Punk, Mizzy is a creative within all genres. His flexibility appeals to many different audiences, which is another reason Mizzy is a stand-out artist. He also creates his sound and content based on life experiences everyone can relate too. He is an artist for the people. And everyone will know soon enough!

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