Distryx Music, The Best Music YouTube Channel

With over 250,000+ subscribers and also 90,000,000+ globally views, Distryx Music has solidified their name in the Hip-Hop and Rap genre on YouTube. Established by Varin Lal in 2019, Distryx Music was an an one-of-a-kind channel. Initially, Distryx Music was the channel where you could discover the lyrics to rap music that had just been released.

Heading right into 2020, Distryx Music just had 25 subscribers. When March of 2020 came around, Distryx Music changed up their content to making viral TikTok mashups, incorporating popular TikTok tracks right into six to ten minute compilations.

Each video clip that Distryx Music published saw millions of views over night resulting in
their channel going from 200 subscribers at the start of March, to 100,000 in the middle of
May. This success has actually led them to team up with several popular as well as verified artists.

Distryx Music is also planning to launch a musical label. They have three releases under their label at the moment. Today, Distryx Music is one of the most popular music channels in the Hip-Hop and Rap genres, with daily lyric videos to popular songs daily. 

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