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Therealskitso - “Fatherless Child" Remix

Dropping perhaps his deepest track to date, Therealskitso has released a remix to his recent single “Fatherless Child.” When asked about the remix which he produced (as well as the original), skitso revealed “I made both beats around the same time and couldn’t decide which version to go with, so soon after I released the original, I thought this version deserved to drop as well.”

Holding nothing back, detailing his formative years witnessing abuse, suicide attempts, stints in foster care and having to hit the streets to take care of his siblings, skitso tears away any glamour from growing up hard. Speaking on his motivation for this track he said.

“I wrote this track for youngin’s who don’t have a father or male role model in their life. I wanted to tell them to stay strong and maintain, things I wish someone told me when I was growing up.”

Listen “Fatherless Child” Remix Here

This new drop comes just a week after Therealskitso dropped another single “Get Familiar” featuring London’s Ray Vendetta.

Listen/purchase “Get Familiar” Here

TheRealSkitso has also had a productive year with his solo emcee projects including The Experiment EP (produced by Skitso and Montreal’s Frank Grimes) and full-length debut Shock Treatment which features appearances from Westside Gunn, DNTE, Conway The Machine and The Falcon Outlaw. He also produced The Billion Bar Mind EP for Ray Vendetta (available now via Prestigious Recordings).

Purchase The Experiment EP Here

Order Shock Treatment CD/Digital Here

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