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Riiyoo & Lil Lee - "Unavailable" Mixtape | @LilLee_Riiyoo

7:12:00 PM 0
  Sixx Entertainment presents the emerging duo from Atlanta, GA, Riiyoo & Lil Lee. "Unavailable" the mixtape is the 13-track p...

YOG Lik$tarkes - "Dirt" Video

2:01:00 PM 0
  Philadelphila rapper YOG Lik$tarkes drops new visual, titled "Dirt"       Instagram: @yoglikstarkes

Olivier, Set The Tone For What's To Come

1:15:00 PM 0
  Olivier is a songwriter and artist who is passionate about making one-of-a-kind music that blurs the borders between the edge of current m...

G4 Jag - "The Lamar Silas" EP

4:24:00 PM 0
  Mr. Meet Me In The Sky AKA Harlem rhyme heavyweight G4 Jag returns with a surprise drop this morning. The Lamar Silas EP (available via al...

Zoot - "Beginning" Video

3:01:00 PM 0
  Inspired to inspire Zoot is a Persian born rapper, producer, and songwriter based in Atlanta, Georgia. After creating some buzz with his s...

Jahvinci Explodes With Passion and Announcement of New EP

8:35:00 PM 0
  This latest release from Jah Vinci, who is widely celebrated as one of Jamaica’s most powerful voices, is momentous not just because of th...
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