Zeddy Will - "Waitin’ For This"


As seen on Meta/Instagram’s feed, ZeddyWill's latest single, "Waitin' For This", is now available on all platforms. The song is more than just a catchy tune, it's a declaration of self-assurance and focus. In his playful style, the Queens native announces that it's his moment to shine. He's focused on his journey, avoiding distractions in pursuit of success, as he notes, "not needing distractions, [I'm] tryna get the right bucks".
Despite his acknowledgment of his rising attraction, ZeddyWill remains humble and connects with his audience by identifying as a regular kid trying to give back to his family. He is not concerned about many things outside being in the studio, making money, and playing his video games as he states, "Yesterday was Call of Duty, played 2K today". The down-to-earth vibe Zeddy portrays bridges the gap between him as an artist and his listeners.
With his signature flair, Zeddy shines a light on the issue of gun use while keeping listeners hooked with an onomatopoeic play-off that follows his most viral line of the single. It's within his natural approach to tackle serious subjects with energy and creativity, ensuring his message resonates long after the beat fades out.
This single gained traction from TikTok users, as ZeddyWill created an engaging and amusing dance to the viral line, "It goes around, it comes around, just like a Hula Hoop". Instagram featured Zeddy and the new single on their page as part of their #InTheMoment series highlighting new music and trends.
You can follow the trend on Instagram @thezeddywill. 




 source: The Legion Media Group
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