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C Stunna, the rising rap sensation hailing from Fort Myers, is back with a bang! His latest single, "Lose Control", featuring Real Boston Richey, is now available via MNRK Music Group, and it's setting the bar high for the summer vibes. This bass-heavy track, filled with energy, marks his second release of the year and is a testament to his evolving style and talent.
In "Lose Control", C Stunna effortlessly delivers his trademark laidback Southern flow, packed with punchlines that stick with you. With lyrics like "Ain't no limit to this trickin', you could say I mastered P, all this stunting getting fly as f***, I do that casually," he proves once again why he's a force to be reckoned with in the rap game.
Having already made waves with collaborations like "Why U Hatin" alongside Luh Tyler, C Stunna continues to cement his status as a rising star. His electrifying performances at Spotify's Most Necessary Live concert in Miami and Rolling Loud events have garnered him a devoted following beyond Southwest Florida.
C Stunna's dedication to his craft shines through in every track, and it's paying off big time. Mixtapes such as Stunna Season and Stunna 4 President have solidified his place in the industry, while hits like "Al Roker," "Motion (Remix)", and "Vibin" have earned him critical acclaim and millions of streams on Spotify.
Now, with his signing to MNRK Music Group, C Stunna is ready to elevate his career to new heights. "Lose Control" is just the beginning, with an upcoming music video shot in collaboration with Real Boston Richey set to drop soon.
As C Stunna himself puts it, "You know you’re an artist who made an impact if people still bring your name up ten or twenty years from now. When you hear me, the music should make you want to put on some clothes, take some pictures, and get some money." Get ready to be blown away by C Stunna's invitation to "Lose Control".
Listen to "Lose Control" ft. Real Boston Richey below:


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