Poundside Pop ft. Dj Drama - "Boguard"


Rising Philadelphia rapper Poundside Pop drops "BOGUARD", a blistering new single that also features booming vocals from his fellow Philly native and mixtape legend DJ Drama.

Listen to "BOGUARD" Below:


Rapping over hammering percussion and climactic horns, Poundside issues ominous warnings to his competition, alongside vivid stories of his rise."They ain’t let me in the game, I had to boguard,” he raps. “If you niggas think it’s sweet then I’ma show y’all". DJ Drama, as always, makes his presence felt through foreboding adlibs that add to the ecstatic intensity of the track. "BOGUARD" fires off like a signal flare for the rest of the rap world if they aren’t already familiar with the ascendant 22-year-old, it’s probably time to fix that.

With menacing bars, a knack for melody, and a confidence that’s as infectious as his hooks, Poundside has steadily carved a space in the Philly rap scene since unloading his 2017 song "O.S.S.", an aggressive yet melodic tune powered by the authentic street energy of his native North Philadelphia. In the years since, he’s only continued to build momentum and develop his craft as a lucid, energetic rapper on projects like 2018’s OSS Soundtrack and 2020’s Wock and Roll. Over the years, he’s become a voice for trench survivors, block dwellers, and fellow rebels, and songs like "BOGUARD" prove he’s up to that responsibility delivering anthem after anthem for listeners who, like him, have had to work to make it out of tough times.

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