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Mack Ben Widdit ft Weezy Pacino - "Land of the Beast" | @MackBenWiddit


DFE Don't Fold Entertainment's Mack Ben Widdit has endured some hardships that would have made most fold under pressure. While incarcerated, Mack Ben Widdit woke up from a horrible nightmare and penned this track from the confines of a prison cell. Unbeknownst to him, his sister had just become the victim of a senseless crime that claimed her life. These types of life-altering experiences are exactly the fuel behind the pain-filled words shared on this track. Take a listen as Mack Ben Widdit joins labelmate Weezy Pacino and together they take you on a “hood safari” through the concrete jungles of Richmond, VA, aka the “Land Of The Beast”. Catch (DFE) Don't Fold Entertainment + Mack Ben Widdit on social media and streaming platforms. 


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