MedCare Farms Transcends Cannabis Retail Experience

MedCare Farms New Flagship Facility Will 

Transcend How The World Views Cannabis 

Through Ultimate Retail Experience

In 2020 the cannabis industry has become a revolutionary force in California, turning an already powerful economy into the epicenter of the “green rush.” But amidst this wave of new products and services, the deeper values of serving others, creating a one-of-a-kind-experience and building a business on passion are setting one brand apart…and some very powerful people are taking notice. On February 8, 2020, MedCare Farms flagship store in Lake Elsinore, CA will celebrate its grand opening with an early reputation so strong that even Lake Elsinore Mayor Steve Manos is joining the festivities!

MedCare Farms is the first large-scale cannabis growing operation (and now public-facing storefront) opening in beautiful Lake Elsinore, California. Started by a husband and wife team whose lives have been transformed by the healing powers of cannabis, MedCare Farms is bringing a customized experience and a personal touch to their patrons, proving that the industry is still ripe for innovations in customer service. Their illustrious facility is growing cannabis strains that have been tested for purity and quality at a level of discretion beyond any other leading brand and features a breath-taking waterfall into the space, echoing the powerful force of nature that their operation entails. MedCare has an unwavering commitment to give each customer their favorite strain week after week consistently, while simultaneously providing new experiences through their limited-run seasonal strains.

Their gorgeous storefront is the kind of place where customers want to take their time, learn from the staff, and experience cannabis in a way most have only dreamed of. As MedCare Farms celebrates their grand opening on February 8th at 5:00 PM with catered food and a red carpet reception with Mayor Manos and other key players, this first epic step is just the beginning!

source: Echoing Soundz
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