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Petey - "Bet I Do" Video

Petey Stony Delivers Another Hit With New Single "Bet I Do"

Petey Stony's on a roll, banging out hit after hit! He gave us his first single "BOSS SH**" and almost immediately after, dropping new heat for us in the way of his newest single, "Bet I Do."

Petey also shares his vision with us with the video for "Bet I Do." If you've ever seen the classic star studded movie Harlem Nights, starring Eddie Murphy and Richard Pryor, then you'd understand the intro of the "Bet I Do" video. Once you recognize the epic scene, you instantly have a "Marty Mcfly, Back to the Future" moment as the scene takes you on a stroll down memory lane. This speaks to the creativity and thoughtfulness that Petey puts into his work.

"Bet I Do" gives a " I make shit happen" sort of vibe. Petey perfectly captures the essence of that statement without even trying. His word play is cold and hopefully you're able to maintain your composure when listening to his new single because "Bet I Do" is a sure bet and officially drops on November 29. Make sure to stream, download, and share “Bet I Do.”


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