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L.A - "Back To It" Video

L.A Gives Us A Preview Of What's To Come With His New Single "Back To It"

L.A never ceases to amaze us. Earlier this year, L.A brought us heat with tracks like “Flex” and “Mob Ties.” Now, he’s literally “getting back to it” with more fire for us to listen to. The new single that’s produced by Buggy Beats, begins with a smooth and melodic intro. L.A hops on the track to remind us that anything he wants, he can get. Meaning, regardless of any delays, setbacks, or bumps along the road, anything you foresee for yourself is tangible. The visuals for the track are filmed by Rayyy Moneyyy who also filmed the video to L.A’s song “Mob Ties.”

L.A also dropped his freshman project this year called “Rich Crack Baby”, which gives listeners a taste of the impeccable talent he has to offer and that that was just the beginning. L.A is slated to release his sophomoric project at the beginning of next year and promises to give fans an even better version of himself through his music. L.A is not only an all around entertainer, he is also a highly successful businessman. He owns a clothing line called Rich Crack Baby, which is named after his first mixtape, and a clothing store in Chicago called Splash Closet.

“Back To It” is a song for the masses and a guaranteed hit! Check out the video here and be sure to keep watch for L.A’s next move....


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