Top 12 Philly Female Artist To Look Out For In 2019

Over the past year our Hip Hop On Deck staff compiled a list of the top 12 Philly female artist. Look out for these talented women that's been creating their own waves on social media, industry and the streets.

1. Teirra Whack 
Instagram: @TeirraWhack

2. Bri Steves 
Instagram: @BriSteves

3. Rocky 
Instagram: @Fakebitcheshero

4. L.G 
Instagram: @LGteamgenies

5. Chaingang 
Instagram: @1ChainGang

6. 100 proofyannie 
Instagram: @100ProofyAnnie

7. Summer Valentine 
Instagram: @SummerisSunny

8. T Marie 
Instagram: @OfficialTmarie 

9. Mecca 
Instagram: @Meccaac

10. Lil Sis 
Instagram: @LilGoattho

11. Si Magii 
Instagram: @_SiMagii

12. Young Shoddy 
Instagram: @YoungShoddy
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