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Your Introduction To Miss Megann

“Artist invest in themselves when they come to me, I’m not a manager I assist.” That’s how Miss Megann describes herself as an consultant for upcoming artist. Native of Houston, Texas, Megann Lundquist grew up in a middle-class family as one of six children. As a single mother of three daughters and one granddaughter, she began her career as a leasing consultant. She always had a strong interest in organizational skills and excelled well in organizing properties throughout the U.S. Infused with her own love for music and entertainment, Megan ended up with quite a mix of career focus. In 2008, she connected with Orbit, a graphic guru of video directing. Megann became his assistant and worked closely for four years building structure and creating organization for his brand. After working with Orbit, she started working with DJ HiC, and Go DJ. She invented a rooster for DJ showcases which bought structure and consistency to build a set plan. Just as things started to fall into place, her career took a sudden halt once she lost her father, brother and sister all in one year. A very active member of assisting others build their brands, Megann is no stranger to the ups-and-downs of the industry. This lead Megann back into real estate to have a steadier corporate life to provide for her family. Shortly after, she was contacted by I Am King to do a DJ showcase. Miss Megann could not resist this offer and accepted to work with him. Due to her phenomenal skills of executing plans, she easily bought in over 25 DJs to participate in this event. Her unmatched strategizing, helped her build a name for herself. Over the years, she worked with many influential figures in the industry such as Big throw, Dj Hallow, June James, HiC and Sauce Walka. With so many new avenues of promotion, it’s critical that your personal brand is marketed everywhere. While, you must have creativity and be aggressive; you still need structure. As an assistant, she never focused on working with artist prior to meeting the twins. She was not able to ignore this remarkable talent and deiced to assist them. Once she began to work with the twins, things started to take off rapidly. At this moment, Miss Megann realized what she bought to the table. Once realizing her own destiny, she began building her own brand. IAssist is the groundbreaker that takes artist to the next step”, Miss Megann said. Her services provide upcoming artist with industry mixers, marketing promotion, consulting, and much more. One of her most innovative ideas thus far, are the Showcases she has set up in the Houston area that have helped many upcoming artist build a platform. Today, she has been working closely with dozens of artists and wants to expand her showcase events nationwide. She is working along with LossLife Record label to help new artist succeed. Losslife built a new studio, “The Enclave” and has a very dedicated artist “Tha Natural” that she has been assisting. She has been working with a new local Dj New New. Miss Megann has been assisting her perfect her craft. While assisting her, DJ New New came up with an all girl’s cypher that was an instant takeover. The industry is dominated by men and to see women not afraid to break boundaries is truly aspiring. Miss Megann decided to take part in Women’s conferences hosted by Paradise, to show women they can achieve their goals. “Many artist have the talent and the drive to become successful, but many lack the consistency and that is what I provide”, said Miss Megann. As an entrepreneur, she has dedicated herself to helping aspiring artists to become better through passion and purpose. Catch the work of Miss Megann and IAssist by following her on Instagram (miss__megann). This woman is not only smart and talented but she is the next professional female to take over the world!

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