Rosewood Renegade represents Austin, Texas with new single ‘Money Mitch’

AUSTIN, TX – Rosewood Renegade has a way with words. He has a natural flow and ease with putting thoughts together that is pleasing to the ear. And his witty wordplay has been garnering him an ever-increasing group of followers through Austin, Texas the South. His new single, “Money Mitch,” is set to launch his career onto the national stage and increase that fandom tenfold or more.
“Money Mitch” – which drops March 10 – is a song that started from a sample from the movie “Paid In Full.” Renegade said he built off that sample and created a song that’s basically about taking nothing and turning it into something. It’s a song, he said, that illustrates his versatility as an artist while also announcing his ability to the world.

“I do music,” he said. “That’s what I do. I don’t classify myself as a rapper. I’m an artist. You can put me on any song, on any type of track, and I’m gonna do my thing. I can be inspired by anything. I can go outside and see a butterfly and it might inspire something. And on top of that I’m a renegade. I’ve never been afraid to say what’s on my mind at any given time. There’s no box you can put me in at all. I do stuff that certain artists won’t do – like some are ‘too cool’ to get on certain songs, or ‘too hood’ to be cool … but not me. You can put me on any song and I’m gonna do my thing.”

Renegade said he first started making music when he was a child. He said he was inspired by his younger brother, Deezel, whose ability with making music seemed to get him all the girls.

“I wanted some of the girls, so I started making music,” Renegade said. “I saw I could actually do it, be good at it, and found a way to play with words … mastered that, became a thief, and then I got a(way) with words. I’ve always been into music, and I have a musically inclined family as a whole. Today I write about a little of everything and I rap about everything.”

More often than not, Renegade said his songs start with a beat. The beat has to “talk to him” before he can be inspired to flow with any lyrics.

“But once the beat says something to me and gets my attention, that’s when the lyrics come,” he said. “I don’t have to be in the studio to write. I can be in the car in the drive-thru and something will catch my attention and I’ll go with it. More than anything, I hope people get the wordplay. That’s the main thing I want them to get. And on a personal level I want my music to tell other people that it’s cool to be yourself. You don’t have to be with the trend, just be who you are.”

“Money Mitch” is the first off an upcoming mixtape called “A Time To Kill,” which is slated to release later this spring. Fans who want to sample some of Renegade’s music can visit his website And to find out more about upcoming music releases or live performances, fans can follow him on Facebook at Jay Jimbo Brown, on Twitter @renegadedotcom, or on Instagram.


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