Dynamic Artist Jay Soundz Releases Single “Number One”

Southside, Chicago – Jay Soundz’s love affair with music began at a very early age. He can distinctly remember a home full of music, his mother and father both musically inclined, encouraged him to pursue his talents. When he was merely in seventh grade, the would-be artist decided to make it his life’s work and has since stopped at nothing to fulfill his dreams of becoming a prominent artist (he even carries a degree in music under his belt). “Music is the center of my life. Everything I’ve done for a long time has been pointing me in this direction,” confesses Soundz. The young star has been motivated by a variety of artists – from The Temptations to Ludacris and the iconic Kanye West. “Ludacris was one of my first favorites. His metaphors, the way he flowed, his versatility,” explains Soundz of his musical influences, “and Kanye West, of course, being from Chicago was very influential because he created his own sound and was making it from Chicago when not many people were.” Jay Soundz pulls inspiration from any and everywhere, uneager to box himself in to any genre or sound, he says “I try not to limit myself. I don’t like to give it (my music) too many titles. It’s just a reflection of my life and how I think.”

The musically driven Jay Soundz is excited to make his debut to the music community with his newest single, “Number One.” Though the artist has released music before, this is the first project he’s thrown the full weight of his heart, soul, and business behind to get it out to the masses. The song began with a beat, created by Jay Soundz’s cousin (in Jay’s words, “a great engineer”) and when talking about it, the young artist is teeming with anticipation and motivation. “I feel like it’s me actually being serious about putting my music out there and getting it promoted,” he admits. “It’s me telling the world, ‘I’ve got more in store.’”

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