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Washington, D.C. click the Oy Boyz present “Put It In Your Face”, their new single featuring Lil Wayne/2 Chainz collaborator Bankroll Fresh from Oyminati, their new compilation mixtape hosted by Atlanta’s DJ Scream and features Don Choo, JusPaul, Oneway Nooch, Young Cerda, MacMilli, Midnight, Charlie Da Coldest as well as production from The Directors, Breezy, 1080 Beats, Lowkey, Heavy, Blair Norf, Q-Hill, David Knocks, Oneway Boobe and Rich Kid. “Put It In Your Face” is produced by C.I.B. & Butla, who have produced for Fat Trell, Young Buck, Ludacris and Gucci Mane.

What’s life like in Washington D.C. for you guys? Describe life in the town. 

DON CHOO: All of us with the exception of "Young Cerda" are born and raised in DC Metropolitan area. DC is like no other city, the culture, the music, even the food is different. Life in DC for us, consists of so many different things. The city has referred to us as, "The Most Respected" music group coming out of DC, so with that being said, we move around pretty freely! Go-Go music is the native music of our city, so on occasion, you might see one of us take the stage and do a live set with bands like Rare Essense, Backyard Band, The Fix, TCB and the list goes on. It's something I have seen become more popular for other artists from other cities, when they come to DC, now they want to perform with the bands as well. For those who don't know what go-go music is, you can look on youtube and see live performances from any of the bands I mentioned. Our brand has been around for over a decade, so when we go out to the clubs, it's all LOVE!!! People embrace us, and respect what we do, so for that we are extremely thankful for our town. We have always been a mirror image of what the "Real DC" looks and sounds like.

How did you guys connect with CIB and Butla?

DON CHOO: The way we hooked up with CIB, was through Young Cerda. Cerda is from Baton Rouge but lives in Atlanta. Everyone knows Atlanta is like the Mecca of the music industry, so I wasn't surprised when he told me he had some sick producers out of South Carolina he met in Atlanta. He recorded a few records with them that were crazy! Once we heard more tracks from them, we started cookin up some dope in the studio! CIB and Butla do like a tag team on a lot of their tracks, which is dope! Kind of like how the Neptunes used to be back in the days.

How was “Put It In Your Face” created?

DON CHOO: "Put It In Your Face" was created by myself and Young Cerda. When we cut the record, it was late at night and our session was ending. We still had an open verse, which originally we were going to have someone in the camp just lace it. About a week later I get a call from my cousin, saying that he booked Bankroll Fresh to perform here in DC. I personally didn't know Bankroll at the time but, Real Recognize Real, so I told cuz to bring him by the studio. We have done records with many popular artists like, Gucci , Juicy J, Juvenile, Paul Wall, Scarface, Raheem De Vaughn, and many more, so we were interested in adding Bankroll  to the list. He has a dope sound that was a perfect fit to what we do. Once he met us, the vibe came natural. In fact he had his verse finished in like 15 minutes or less, I don't even think the joint I was smoking was gone out yet lol! Once he did his verse to that record, we played another record and he cut that one too! We clicked real good, and have been in touch ever since. In fact we was just kickin it the other day in Magic City, and he was commending me on the way we been pushing that OYMINATI project.

What do you think hiphop will sound like in ten years?

DON CHOO: That's a great question. You know they say history repeats itself. I have now seen how trends come and go in fashion and music. If we follow that theory, Hip-hop may sound like it did in the early 2000's. The only thing, technology has impacted the way we record, perform, promote, etc. There is a possibility that hip-hop will infuse with another genre to create an entirely different sound. One thing for sure, hip-hop will exist by all means.

What kind of year has 2015 been for you guys?

DON CHOO: 2015 has been a year of tremendous growth for our brand, as well as refinement. The blessings have been plentiful, and we have been able to progress in a short period of time. My partner Boobe and I have now taken on an additional business partner, who's name speaks for itself, Mr. Kevin "Shekspere Briggs. He is the multi-platinum producer responsible for hits like "No Scrubs" by TLC "Bills Bills Bills" by Destiny's Child and the list goes on. Together we will be moving into the new year fully equipped with production from the top producers in the game. 2016 will have OY written all over it!!! We are in the studio as we speak getting the hits together to launch in the first quarter.

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