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San Diego-based, Gardena, California-bred rapper Kahlee presents ReBlessed, Kahlee’s new album on which production team Digital Martyrs remixes his previous release Blessed (listen) which featured featured Sabac Red of Non-Phixion, Uptown Swuite, CookBook (LA Symphony), Awdbawl and I.Sheik (Revolution of the Mind). He recently released an Eyekon Fotography-directed music video for the remix of “Baring My Soul” (watch). Kahlee’s other releases include Man Of Many HatsThe Seed and Here I Am. Kahlee’s performed alongside Snoop Dogg, Cypress Hill, Bone-Thugs-N-Harmony, Murs, Dilated Peoples and Immortal Technique. His music has appeared on The Wake Up Show, DJ Premier’s Live From Headqcourterz show, the Showtime series All Access – Mayweather V. Maidana 2, and will appear in The Challenger.

What’s your biggest goal for your career?

Biggest goal would have to be having an annual income of 6-7 figures based on my brand. From creating consistent music content. Licensing my music. Scoring films or possibly acting in them. Hosting successful podcasts and running web networks that host them. Touring the world and putting other artists in the spotlight using tools I've gathered through my experiences. All this while actually being with my family.

Do you find that some groups of people prefer the remix album over the original version and vice versa? Why do you think that is?

Definitely. I get about a 50/50 split. I think some heads just dig Digital Martyrs' beats over Soulplusmind and some the other way around. With ReBlessed there's a lot more experimentation with the beat styles and with the bonus ep, there's just more music.

Then there's the physical albums. Both are really fresh, original artworks. Blessed has the embossed cd cover with the Stained Glass window vibe. So when you hold it, you can really feel the quality. Then there's 2 copies of the same album in there so you can give one to a friend. No one's ever done anything like that before. With ReBlessed we got cassettes made. Another dope album cover but we packaged it with 3 buttons and stickers and of course the free download code. I've received a pretty even response on that as well. People really appreciate the extra time and effort I put into my product. Even in a time where physical copies aren't really poppin.

How do you know when a song is done?

From a writing standpoint I just write until I said what I had to say. I don't always know if I want a hook, or how many bars per verse or whatever. I try to go with the flow and I just know when I'm done. Any post production is kinda the same. There's a "flow" and when I feel it's complete, that's it.

If you could bring back one dead artist, who would it be and why?

Bob Marley. His emotional vibe is needed more than ever these days. When he spoke people listened and opposed to other orators with that talent, his message is for a positive change.

What are your predictions for 2016, for yourself, the rap game and the world..

Right off the bat I have 2 videos dropping in Jan. "For My People" with Odessa Kane and Uptown Swuite. And a song called "Loogie" with the homie Namek and my Fresh State crew mates Ric Scales and Uptown Swuite (the 4 of us are also dropping a free EP with it)

I'm also working on the next album with Digital Martyrs. Planning for a vinyl release next summer and I've been speaking to a couple labels so we'll see what that turns into. Lots of collabs, videos and possibly a short film. More from my involvement with PlatformCollection.com and my podcast "Proof of Life Radio." Musically things seem to be returning to a version of the past in ways but I think HipHop will continue to grow, change and progress in all sub genres. As far as the world, I think we're gonna see more violence, media manipulation and brutality. But there's also a big psychedelic movement in the works. A bit of a silver lining amongst the clouds. Hopefully that helps to suppress some of the ego that's destroying the human race.

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