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Lia Givenchy talks legendary comparisons and Givenchy Code with Jason Bourne

At Hip Hop On Deck we pride ourselves on being ahead of the curve when it comes to delievering content, especially interviews. Today's artist is the talented Brooklyn Femcee Lia Givenchy who has been making waves with her looks and her content. I recently got a chance to sit down with the lovely Hip Hop artist to pick her brain about the comparison to legends such as Foxy Brown, who is on my list of top MCs by the way; as well as her other influences and goals in the industry. Check out the #HipHopOnDeck exclusive.

Jason Bourne: Lia Givenchy lets start with the name, how'd you choose it and what impact would u like it to make on fans of Hip Hop?

Lia Givenchy: Lia my real name. Givenchy is very mysterious, foreign and is a strong name;  the names exudes confidence. When people hear the name Lia Givenchy it stands out. That is the same impact I want my music to make as well.

Jason Bourne: You are of South American / Caribbean descent correct, which is totally obvious in your delivery. Makes me think of a young Foxy in a sense, have you ever gotten that before ?

Lia Givenchy: I won't compare myself to a legend, but I definitely get that a lot.

Jason Bourne: Its ironic cause u do actually name her as one of your influences; who are some others ?

Lia Givenchy: Of course Lil Kim, Missy Elliott, Left Eye, mostly the pioneers of the hip-hop genre like Biggie, Nas, Kool G Rap.

Jason Bourne: You have some heat in the street with Limelight and  Givenchy Code. how has the response been ?

Lia Givenchy: Overwhelming. The bar is set  higher for all future releases. It's a good feeling to hear such positive and encouraging responses.

Jason Bourne: You haven't dropped the project name or date on us, can we get an exclusive ?

Lia Givenchy: I will say this: I'm releasing 2 singles in the next month or so and I'm working on an EP scheduled to be released the beginning of 2016.

Jason Bourne: Who are some of the people who contributed ?

Lia Givenchy: Glen Mosley, Travis Kr8ts, Darnell, J Marie, Richard Noel, Marques Anthony are some people I have on the EP. Nothing but the best!

Jason Bourne: We always hear about the gender roles in Hip Hop; have u encountered any obstacles on the come up ? If so how have you gotten passed them ?

Lia Givenchy: Yeah, the biggest obstacle is the box. The  "cookie cutter" sound and content. I refuse to be the norm.  I align myself with male heavy hitters that are experienced in their craft.  I pattern their moves, but execute my own moves based on my brand, Givenchy Code. And it also helps that I wrote hits for quite a few male artists.

Jason Bourne: Your content is very hard, how do you stick to the script and stay away from the more appealing content or rather drumming up attention on your looks alone ?

Lia Givenchy: My music is all me, I'm not a one-dimensional artist. There are some days I feel gritty; others I feel soft, pink girly.  My content expresses my feeling at that moment. Lime Light and Givenchy Code, those singles show one side of me. I stick to who I am in music. I stay on my A game keeping the standard of an established brand; whatever comes out, comes out.

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