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Rochester, NY beat-smiths, biological brothers Dee Jay Sight and Kidd Called Quest have teamed up on a new project. "Musical Karma" is ten gritty instrumentals on a cinematic scale. 
Speaking on the project Kidd relayed "the theme of the project is about those who do dirt to get ahead regardless of how it affects anyone else and how karma hits them. Listeners can pick up on the story from the dialogue samples and skits that play throughout the album".


Musical Karma is the second instrumental effort that Kidd Called Quest has released in the past year, following last fall's Sound Of The Track. That prior project was influenced and inspired by the 1975 Blaxploitation movie, "The Candy Tangerine Man".


Dee Jay Sight has worked with such artists as Curtis Coke, Eto, 38 Spesh, Lady Luck, Emilo Rojas and many more.
Kidd Called Quest in addition to his work as part of the duo Young Black And Gifted (with emcee Azariah) has been dropping soulful boom-bap work with such notables as Big Shug, Kool G. Rap, Pretty Bulli, Jae Hussle, Curtis Coke and many more. 
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 Stream / Purchase 
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