IZ - "Outside"


IZ makes a triumphant return with his latest single "Outside", a monumental, catchy, party anthem perfect for the summer. Produced by Cassell Beats & K Beats and released under RCA Records, this track follows the success of his earlier hit "Big Dreams," which has amassed an impressive 2 ½ million streams on Spotify alone since the beginning of the year.
"Outside" is destined to dominate clubs and festivals throughout the summer with its infectious energy and irresistible hook. IZ effortlessly blends his trademark hard-hitting bars with a more lighthearted vibe, proving his versatility as an artist. The song embodies the spirit of summer fun, encouraging listeners to embrace spontaneity and enjoy life to the fullest.
According to IZ, "Outside" is all about embracing freedom and indulging in the excitement and adventure that summer brings. It celebrates the idea that a single woman can revel in her independence and prioritize her own happiness above all else.
This single serves as a tantalizing preview of what's to come from IZ's highly anticipated debut mixtape, slated for release in early July. Featuring 10 tracks that showcase IZ's signature style and flow, coupled with nostalgic old school hip-hop beats, the mixtape promises to be a standout project that further solidifies IZ's place in the music industry. 


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