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Moses Rockwell (Rochester, NY) and Plain Old Mike (Wisconsin, WI) started working on a single together in 2021 and just kept on working; eventually settling on the group name Regular Henry sometime in the process.
Both brought dynamic track records to the proceedings as well, Moses having previously worked with billy woods, J-Live, Homeboy Sandman and Von Pea among others and Plain Old Mike with Armand Hammer, Defcee, & Curly Castro among others.
With their respective Voltron’s complete, they have just released their Hipnott Records debut project, Regular Henry Sessions, and a new video for 'Raise Hell". Regular Henry Sessions is now available at all DSP’s.
"I think what Mike and I were able to produce as a group makes total sense" Moses Rockwell states. "We’re each hung up on the same oddities in rap music and laugh at the same jokes. All of which shines through on the record".
"The record was an attempt to accomplish a couple of things. First, it’s an ode to each of our favorite De La Soul albums, Moses’ is De La Soul Is Dead, and mine is Buhloone Mind State (Miss You Dave!!!). Second, we wanted to make a fun record" Plain Old Mike offers. "Life can be so heavy, maybe if you put Regular Henry on, you can just laugh at stupid jokes for 40 minutes. That sounds ok to me". 
Listen to Regular Henry’s "Raise Hell" Below: 


Regular Henry Sessions is now available via Hipnott Records. 
Checkout Regular Harry’s "Regular Harry Sessions" at Bandcamp:
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