Kaim & Nate - "The Genuine Article" Video


The Genuine Article is a testament of what Nate and Kaim really are. Meeting via Twitter in 2009. They immediately got to work. At the time Kaimbr was heavy on the beats. Nathaniel Star was incredibly and equally humble on smashing those beats. That album never came to the life of day. But for good reasons. They continued to work over the next 10 years. Trading features on various solo release projects and keeping the vibe alive. Now in 2023, they have achieved what most artist wish, a brotherhood, an understanding, a real passion for music. So, they decided to record a new album. "The Genuine Article' This one is for the culture. This one is from the heart. Trading bars, trading cadences, and delivering good energy and undeniable music. This is the definition of what progression and dedication can bring. Produced by Charlottesville Virginia’s own Vintage. Ubuntu is the Squad! Humble Monarch Built from the ground up! This is "The Genuine Article" We truly hope you enjoy and press play… trust…. it is more than worth it. Love. 


Kaim & Nate "The Genuine Article" 
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