Taylor Shan'e - "Figure It Out" EP


Taylor has teamed up with veteran producer Fred "Toxic" Taylor (who has collaborated with a who’s who in urban music such as Cardi B, Offset, Diddy, Twista, and Keyshia Cole) to bring Taylor’s riveting diary to life on her brilliant debut EP, Figure It Out (Chicago Creed). The six-track set is centered around the alluring mechanical slow jam, "You So", on which Taylor coos of a romance so dangerous that it’s making her lovesick. She shakes her ass on the bass-thumper, "Tonight". Both tracks were done by Aesha Dominguez who has collaborated with rappers such as Tink and Cybertrash. She flirts with Nova Gholar on the Rhianna-styled Caribbean groove, "No Hands". The infectious "Break Up" is a Pop radio singalong that should expand Taylor’s fan base. It was co-produced by Patrick Bolton and Barry Brewer. Brewer then molds the smoldering, "Love Game" and the piano-ballad, "Choosing Myself". After a series of bad romantic picks, Taylor chooses herself on the latter.
Taylor Shan’e is a millennial contemporary R&B singer on the rise. The Chicago native is cut in the jagged-edged vein of SZA, Kehlani, and Summer Walker. She confides in her listeners with graphic tales of broken promises, hook-ups, and learning to love oneself more than any partner. "It's been a tough road for me, a lot of ups and downs, but those ups and downs are the reason this burning fire inside of me hasn't been put out. The ups and downs keep me going because nothing will ever be perfect; those bumps in the road are just a way to make you stronger and give you character. I decided to have tunnel vision, lock in on my music and take off". On social media, Taylor often gives her fans advice and shares her life lessons. "You will attract everything that is in alignment with you when you show up as yourself", she wrote in one post. On Figure It Out, she shows up as herself and proves that she’s musically figured this thing out. Now, the world can enjoy the melodic results of her measured musical calculations.
 Taylor Shan'e "Figure It Out" EP 
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