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Quin NFN "Just Getting By" 
"Never on Time" Out Now!
 Fresh off his SXSW performances, Quin NFN’s momentum continues to grow with the release of his newest video for "Just Getting By", The visual is released on the same day as his newest album Never On Time, released through EMPIRE. It is a fifteen-track album packed with one dynamic banger after another.
The Austin artist articulates his superstar status with lyrics about how he carries himself for his hood and clique. He backs up his superstar status with the lyrics "Standing on business, don’t know how to lack. That n***a broke, he don’t know how to grind. First thing first, I’mma get to the racks. Give a fuck about an image… I was sixteen when they threw me a six-figure deal, flew me out trying get me to sign…" The young prodigy is no stranger to seeing the fruits of his labor grow from the roots of his work and will continue to plant more seeds of work to grow his fan base and legacy.
The Dan2thel shot visual has Quin rapping with his clique in front of fancy cars with dark green lighting. The lighting supplements the vibe of the song as it’s about business and how Quin acquires his bread through his musical passion. 



Quin NFN "Never on Time" Out Now! 
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