Jim Jones & HitMaka - "Status Update" Video


Fresh from his newest EP release Back In My Prime with HitMaka, Jim Jones is giving a status update to his fans about his personal life. "Status Update" is a three-minute walk-through of Jim’s personal life and feelings about certain situations. He reflects on his time with friends who are deceased and locked up.
Some notable lyrics are about his Dipset partners and give introspection into their relationship at the time the song was written. He raps, "I be in the streets, they be asking where Juelz at? I want to know the real reason he fell back… and it’s hard for me and Cam to see eye to eye, I love him I still hug him but when I see him, it’s "hi and bye". It’s kind of crazy, I thought it was ride or die… next subject…"
The visual, directed by Shula the Don and Jones himself, has Jim out in the Bahamas clearing his head with beautiful views and interacting with people throughout the city. He can be seen having fun swimming with sharks in the ocean and enjoying himself at a music event.
Goldiie closes out "Status Update" with powerful vocals singing "Look how far we came now. Pray to God and find a way out, so used to all the pain now. It’s when you shine, that’s when it rains down…". Jim and Goldiie express how there is plenty to be grateful for even in harsh times.





 source: The Legion Media Group
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