LongLiveWOULF: One of Carolina's Most Important Talents


Chris Parnther, professionally known as LongLiveWOULF, formerly known as WOULF, is a prominent independent Hip-Hop artist making waves through the Carolinas.

"Working On Uplifting Life Fully'' is more than just the meaning behind his stage name, it’s the life model he lives by. After relocating from Cleveland, OH to Charlotte, NC in the middle of the 2020 pandemic, at a pivotal time in his career, LongLiveWOULF looked to build on his momentum even more.

In 2019, he was nominated for Best Live Performer at the 2019 Ohio Entertainment Awards, and in 2022 LongLiveWOULF was named "Artist of The Year" at the HMAS (Hyer Merit Awards).

Building a strong presence with the House of Blues in Cleveland, Ohio, LongLiveWOULF has had the opportunity to open up for legends such as The Lox, Ja Rule and Big Boi. Demonstrating intensity, passion, and positive reinforcement, the moving culture of Hip-Hop has a special place for an architect like LongLiveWOULF.

Most recently, WOULF set the bar high with his record titled "Chop It Up". Produced by and featuring Carolina's own, DJ Carolina X, the record was re-released in the fourth quarter of last year. Its momentum continues to pour into 2023 as well.

He has continuously displayed versatility with records, even dating back to his back catalog, such as "Real Love" which showcases the vulnerable side of love and romance. Another popular record of his is "Fear," which highlights the raw and grittiness of WOULF, in both his delivery and lyrics.

Aside from the music, LongLiveWOULF is cultivating his own movement "Rebel Nation World". As both an artist and creator, the Carolina-native has been able to change the lives of many. And continues to do-so.

 Instagram: @longlivewoulf 
Twitter: @longlivewoulf 
Youtube: @LongLiveWOULF1
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