Sharky Major, Big Narstie, LV General & Rippz - "Baddest" Video


Sharky Major, Big Narstie, LV General & Rippz Join Forces For 


Grime Originals is a brand synonymous with the British homegrown sound of grime. A music genre that undoubtedly changed the musical landscape of the noughties and has since grown and evolved in measure to captivate worldwide audiences and have its influence on music as we know and love it today. Central to the ever-changing sounds and evolution of grime, you’ll find the likes of Sharky Major and once again, at the helm of Grime Originals, he is back to unveil a future sounding stage reactive to the dynamic environment around us.

Featuring a stellar line-up that includes Sharky Major himself, Big Narstie, LV General and Rippz, the brand-new single ‘Baddest’ leads the charge for the announcement of the labels debut album. Giving an insight in to what is in store from the exciting opus, Sharky explains “Baddest is the first instalment from the forthcoming Grime Originals Album (vol.1) and I felt it was important to show the levels and vibes that you will find on the album from as early as possible. Grime offers many variations, captures many frustrations, emotions and makes many statements, plus it has been consistent in offering big tunes and it’s safe to say that ‘Baddest’ is yet another one. Calling upon the don Big Narstie, YouTube and social media comedian LV General & my good friend Rippz, each artist (including myself), brought something different to the riddim to keep you dancing from start to finish. This is one for pure enjoyment, no screw faces for this one!” 




Produced by ZimZima, the track offers a fresh and vibrant tone, accentuated by a skippy flute riff, skittering high-hats and the mellow chords of a harp, the intro is an instant head turner that doesn’t cry out your stereotypical grime joint. Add in a bouncing hook, reload worthy bars and a heap of energetic delivery from the all-star line-up and the result is a track that cuts perfectly in to the cloth of the current soundsphere with hints of nostalgia helping to carve out its own notable place.

Amongst the most respected names to transition from the early beginnings of the DIY grime scene into the modern day British Black Music culture, Grime Originals label director and founder, Sharky Major has developed a brand that offers artists, producers and writing talent a platform that has a wealth of experience and understanding when it comes to talent. Having collaborated with the likes of D Double E, Kano and Ghetts, plus international brands such as New Era and ASOS, Grime Originals has become a university of accomplished talent and with the new album on route, a whole new school of talent is about to graduate into the scene.

Check out ‘Baddest’ from Grime Originals, featuring Sharky Major, Big Narstie, LV General & Rippz Produced by ZimZima, out now. 

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