Iman Nunez ft. Annalise Azadian - "Pieces"


The young Yonkers recording artist Iman Nunez and New York singer Annalise Azadia collabed on this soulful single “Pieces.” The song acknowledges how good things don't always have happy endings. When the vocalist, Annalise Azadia sings "can’t jeopardize what I hold close to me, best we go our own ways", she knows that this relationship can’t go on.

"Pieces" describes a mutual understanding that ex-lovers get where they see that things don't have to last nor do they actually survive. However, there will be that struggle between moving forward and holding on. Iman expands on that struggle by rapping, "I get tempted to reach out but I never send, my pride won't let me mend all the pieces we put to end.” The two artists match the intimate and vulnerable tone of Haysuse’s production to deliver a relatable song. 


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source: The Legion Media Group

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