Introducing "Simone Jazmine" Creator of Simone Jazmine the Brand


Simone Jazmine is a creative entrepreneur from Los Angeles who is pushing the boundaries of the beauty and cosmetic business. "Simone Jasmine the Brand" is her creation an ever-evolving beauty and cosmetics company that caters to women from all walks of life with high-quality cosmetics and beauty products. Simone Jazmine has a strong work ethic and isn't afraid to go above and beyond today's beauty and cosmetics requirements. 

Simone Jazmine plans to expand her business by opening an online store where people can buy her items anywhere in the world. "Pretty and Dainty Lipstick," her best-selling product, has brilliant saturated hues that deliver an exceptionally rich full coverage finish. Simone Jazmine also makes use of her best-selling "Pretty and Dainty Lashes," which are FDA-approved and offer a variety of opulent styles. 

Simone Jazmine relies on her own life experiences to build a world-class beauty and cosmetics company that encourages women all over the world. She makes it a point to go above and beyond for clients and consumers, sharing insights that help them feel and look their best. 

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