Behind the Mic: Ogee1523 on Family, Creativity, and Collaboration


Ogee1523 is an unsigned, up-and-coming artist who is gradually establishing himself in the music industry. If you've ever listened to Ogee1523's music, you'll know that it's completely unique. I spoke with Ogee about his creative process, his family life, and his collaborations with other artists. I was inspired by his determination to never give up on his ambitions, no matter how many setbacks life threw his way. 

Gerard Allen, a.k.a. Ogee1523, was born in Harlem and raised in the Bronx, New York. Music served as an outlet for him as a child, and he credits it with keeping him out of trouble. He is the happy father of four children and grandfather of ten (six grandsons and four granddaughters) after having his first son at the age of sixteen. Ogee1523 is a firm believer in family and understands the value of being there in the lives of people he cares about. The death of so many people has made this a top concern for him. After losing all of his children's moms (including his wife in 2016) and both of his parents, Ogee1523 prioritizes his family above everything else (including his passion of music). He is a man with optimistic spirit, despite the losses he has suffered. Everything occurs for a reason, he thinks, and he never gives up.

Despite the fact that his career in music began early in his life, having a small child led him to seek other interests. He was always a diligent and hard worker; he worked for the New York City Housing Authority for 27 years until retiring on January 1, 2021. Given how much skill this man possesses, it only made sense for him to return in full force and make the music he has always adored. 

Ogee1523 described his music as "fun and feel-good music" when asked how he would define it. Today's music, in his opinion, lacks the element of enjoyment. It's all about clothing, firearms, and quick money (items that have no worth since they are simple to come by and easy to leave). His objective has been to create music that is enjoyable to both young and old people and does not include any bad content. As a result, his rap is all about facts, circumstances, and things that people can relate to on a deeper level. 

Making music that is enjoyable, upbeat, and relatable takes some ingenuity. Ogee1523 claims that his creative approach consists of keeping it authentic when it comes to the topics he raps about and without hurting anyone's feelings. He simply wants to see people having a good time, laughing and dancing to his music. 

Following his recent collaboration on a project with Fatman Scoop for his song "Get Em Up," Ogee1523 expressed his desire to work with many more artists. Snoop Dogg, Drake, Charlie Wilson, and Smooth B from the iconic trio Nice & Smooth are among these musicians. For this next artist, he stated that he is open to working with anybody as long as the song meets his criteria, which include not being about superficial living or bringing negativity into his life. This is why he creates music that is more suited to old-school hip-hop than new-school hip-hop. Sticking to his era for gigs with hip-hop classics and pioneers is something he sees himself doing in the future, with Drake being the sole exception. 

Despite his focus on old school rappers, Ogee1523 is caught up in a new school game. He still believes he has the freedom to be himself. He believes he produces music that may be enjoyed by individuals of all ages (except for & "More Weed"). He believes it is critical to restore the joy of music. He's delivering a new sound that everyone will appreciate, whether they're in the clubs, driving around in their vehicles, or simply chilling on the street. Ogee1523 takes pleasure in making music accessible to both young and old listeners. 

So, what can we anticipate from this new artist that is trying to make a name for himself in the music industry? He'll be releasing his album "Never2late" in March or April of this year, and he'll be doing multiple interviews in publications and on podcasts. Meanwhile, go download or listen to his new single "Get Em Up," which features Fatman Scoop on Ogee1523's Youtube channel, you can find the official video.

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