Jimmy DaSaint On Making Films in Philly | @JimmyDaSaint1


Three years ago, bestselling urban author Jimmy DaSaint put down his pen and pad and decided to jump head first into the movie making industry. His first film was a coming to age movie called THE TRAP, featuring local hiphop artist from his hometown. That was the beginning of Jimmy's film making journey. Since then Jimmy has written and Directed four more feature films ( THE KARMA EFFECT, YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE, BROKEN TRUST, NOBODY'S SON, and an award winning documentary called AMERICAN HUSTLER all available now on Amazon Prime. 


The former Drug dealer/federal prisoner turned film maker is changing the game when it comes to filming in his hometown of Philadelphia. He use actors and musicians from the Philly area to capture that true Philly sound and essence. This December Jimmy and his team will be producing the PFMF ( PHILLY FILM & MUSIC FESTIVAL ) bringing together the entire Philly film and music industry. 

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