Giggs Releases A/B-side visuals for "Difference Ft. Rowdy Rebel and "Innocent"

Giggs returns with two new singles and accompanying visuals as a A/B-side release: "Differences" featuring New York’s Rowdy Rebel, and "Innocent". Directed by One Take ("Differences") and BehindTheSeeNez ("Innocent") both visuals were shot in New York, where Giggs connected with Brooklyn rapper, Rowdy Rebel, for the feature. Now able to travel internationally, Giggs has recently been spending time in the US, inspiring new material and collaboration. 


 "Differences" ft. Rowdy Rebel and "Innocent" are available everywhere now.

The heavy-hitting double release of "Differences" / "Innocent" is Giggs’ first release since his 2020 mixtape, Now Or Never. However, true to form, in the intervening year Giggs has maintained a healthy presence globally, as well as a US presence, with a near-constant stream of impressive guest features with Meek Mill, Ghetts, Max B, Steel Banglez and others. 

Giggs continues to distinguish himself as not only one of the upper echelon of the culture, but also most talented and uncompromising global rappers. His distinctive flow and creative wordplay - coupled with a unique ability to traverse hardcore rap, grime and hip-hop - have earned him both critical acclaim and commercial success.

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