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American rapper, wozzie, is pleased to announce the launch of his newly designed and highly anticipated nft collection Wayne redmond, a.k.a. Wozzie, is an American rapper, actor, and songwriter from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He is currently an unsigned artist with a chill-step, lo-fi, and laid-back style of music that showcases his refined technical capabilities and unparalleled sound. Wozzie is inspired by a variety of musical influences, including Michael Jackson, Chris Brown, and rappers like Jay-Z and Lil Wayne.

Recently, wozzie has announced the launch of his new nft collection, one which beautifully showcases the artist’s diverse and inspired work. The collection has been professionally developed and aims to help Wozzie inspire other artists who are also pursuing their passions. 

When making his music, wozzie makes the beat first followed by adding layers to rhymes and the instrumental background. "I love to listen to guitars and piano keys for inspiration; the sound takes me somewhere", says wozzie. "I don’t, however, self-produce all the time as I have an incredible team of producers by my side. I’m also grateful for my marketing team who has done an exceptional job at developing my website, which showcases my hard work and efforts to the world".

Wozzie most popular single, "Dubai Wozzie", is a lo-fi melody that has an instrumental with chill vibes that takes the listener on a remarkable journey. Wozzie describes this song as one of a kind, saying “fans that have a love for beats would gravitate to this song. They can dance or vibe out to the lo-fi feel that "Chill Wozzie" gives off".

Never one to take a break from pursuing his passions, Wozzie is currently working on a new EP with plans to release it in December. Presently, he’s listening to a lot of unsigned musicians from Philly, saying "I like to hear what my city has to offer". Wozzie describes himself as an artistic virtuoso, not just another traditional artist. 

About Wozzie

Wozzie is an inspiring and talented musician from Philadelphia who has dedicated his life to music and performing. Through his numerous and unforgettable performances and studio recording sessions, Wozzie has honed his technical capabilities and sound to form an unstoppable force in the music industry.

 Readers can listen to Wozzie "Dubai" on YouTube and Spotify, or on his website at:

 Instagram: @darealWozzie

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