Charisse Mills of "One Mo Chance" Shows Her Bad & Boujee Side


In 2020 the Zeus television network premiered a controversial show starring rapper Chance (Kamal Givens) and 15 women who have been invited to compete for his attention...and his heart. Now in its second season, "One Mo Chance" has added stunning songstress Charisse Mills (nicknamed "Bad & Boujee" by Chance)to the cast, and shaken things up as the eclectic mix of competitors from season one copes with this new (and stronger) competition!

This past weekend, Charisse celebrated the release of Season 2 with A1 Bentley, The Numera Una, Candy "For Hair" Farmer, Takisha Clark and more inside the North End in Hollywood (see pics below).

Although "One Mo Chance" got a reputation early on for having a strange mix of contestants (including a mother and her daughter both competing side-by-side) with some seriously ratchet behavior (fighting and twerking both happening daily), Charisse Mills hasn't compromised her own behavior. "I fell back the first few episodes because I wasn't willing to kiss on him and do all this extra stuff. I don't allow people to touch me if they aren't my significant other. I stayed true to myself because I remembered what the assignment is: to show him how real of a woman I am and what I have to offer. I'm a catch too. It's not just about winning him over. He needs to win my love too," explains the singer (who's recorded with the likes of Ne-Yo and French Montana, among others.

Instagram: @charissemills
source: EchoingSoundz
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