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Jenevieve Releases The Visual For New Single "No Sympathy" | @Jenevievemusic



Jenevieve releases the video for the up-tempo track "No Sympathy" from her debut project Division.

Watch Below:


Jenevieve showcases her vocal abilities and defiant spirit on the bubbly “No Sympathy,” a pop track filled with affirmations of self-love and freedom. The video compliments the tracks mood with Jenevieve traveling through various animated landscapes while showcasing her love of fashion with an assortment of looks.

Throughout Division, Jenevieve tells her story in a beautiful manner. Between tantalizing melodies and piercing lyrics, her debut project reminds us the next class of women in music still have so much more to say.

Jenevieve’s tailor-made style of experimental music has been a hit among critics and R&B aficionados alike. Since sliding into the music scene with singles like the alluring "Medallion" in the middle of the pandemic last year, the LA creative has used her music to paint a POV of honesty with a historical blend of Modern R&B’s vintage spirit (ie: an intersection of Quiet Storm and celebratory 90s snares).

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