Youngn Lipz - "Broken Home"


Youngn Lipz excels forward with this diverse song "Broken Home", filled with serious emotion which you can hear throughout his pitch perfect performance. A narrative close to his heart that adds a passionate texture but in the form of an expertly written song.

Hot off the back of his recent track ‘Spaceships’ which has taken off, the 22-year-old from the streets of Southwest Sydney is having no problems carving his way to the global stage. Already an icon on his home turf with 3 tracks placed in the local hype official Spotify playlists; he is not messing around. Youngn Lipz also previously linked up with ‘S1MBA’ on the ‘Rover’ remix which witnessed huge international success with opposite ends of the world collaborating for what went down as a cult tune both in the UK and Australia, reflected by its 17 million streams on Spotify. Representing nearly 800,000 monthly listeners on Spotify alone, Youngn Lipz is beginning his domination and with a distinct sound across his varying music he is only going to grow more. The texture to his vocals in this track gives off a heartfelt vibe and the sensitive beat compliments this seamlessly. Percussion soaked and teamed with a dreamy melody; the foundations of the track were perfect for what was to come. Young Lipz has a very notable vocal make up and uses it proficiently, varying between dramatic moments and slightly more hypnotic sections. Amongst all the desire in the track, it is also a catchy banger with the chorus being one to sing in full voice.

The video combines both a narrative scene played out and Youngn performing the track on a picturesque backdrop and at the ‘Broken Home’. Meeting the boy in the story towards the climax of the song, the viewer is left with an inviting wholesome warmth. Visually satisfying but deeply tender, Youngn Lipz has showed a sophisticated side to his character.

Youngn Lipz is displaying an infectious growth across the globe and this release provides a new door for new fans to assist him on his way to stardom. There is still much more to come from this Australian pioneer who is paving his own way off his sound and character.


Youngn Lipz – ‘Broken Home’ [Download/Stream]
Youngn Lipz:
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