Rene Bonét Unleashes Bully Barbé with Two New Visuals | @Renebonet


Rene Bonét continues to raise the bar. The "Thrash Goddess" releases two visuals in two days making it very hard for any artist to keep up. In the first visual, "Trendsetter", we see Bully Barbé dawning a black bodysuit, accentuated with jewelry. The opening scene alone will keep you hooked while the rest of the song and visual are sure to make you bang your head all the way to the end, adding a new definition to the term Rockstar. She then doubles back the next day & surprises us with a visual off the “Bully Barbé EP”. A song amply titled "Mr. Billy". The story line alone in this captures you and makes you appreciate what she is doing as an artist, constantly giving you music and visuals that are a force to be reckoned with. Catch her new visuals below: 

Bully Barbé™ "Trendsetter" Official Video: 


 Bully Barbé™ "Mr. Billy" Official Video 


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