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Nef - "Tabula Rasa" Album


NYC based beat-smith Nef makes his declarative statement about his life with the drop of his album Tabula Rasa today. Though he has previously released collaboratifve projects with Ren Thomas and Dirty Sanchez as well as produced joints for artists including Termanology and Bobby J From Rockaway, he considers this solo debut his proper introduction to the world.

As he explains the significance “Tabula Rasa translates to scraped tablet, literally a fresh start. The significance to me is that I went through a really dark period growing up and was supposed to end up dead or in jail. I was in AA at the age of 17 and struggled with sobriety and finding my place in the world but luckily I kept with it (over twelve years of sobriety as of this year) and beat the odds.”

With a knack for making melodic yet gritty soundscapes, Nef has laced the album with an all-star line-up of real spitters. This includes all of the afore-mentioned artists as well as Tek (Smif-n-Wessun), Ras Kass, G4Jag, Rome Streetz, Wais P, Nems, Lil Fame, Madhattan, Fastlife, Mooch, Rigz, UFO Fev, Ea$y Money and a host of other notables. 


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